Trade Terms & Conditions

Our Guarantee

ACA agrees to replace or rework any goods that prove defective when properly used or fabricated, but under no circumstances will we be responsible for any amount beyond the original invoice value. In the event that any shipment proves unsuitable, it should be understood that the buyer should discontinue its use and advise us of the pertinent facts so that we may have the opportunity to investigate the situation and come to an agreement as to what shall be done. If this procedure is followed, any possible loss or damage to either party shall be minimized.

Since much of what ACA sells is coiled product, there must be certain assumptions made about coils. A small amount of non-conforming material, typically at the very inner or outer wraps, or if the metal has masking, at any splices in the polyethylene, should be considered normal and is not cause for rejection.

In addition, due to the manufacturing tolerances of masking, polyethylene may be up to one-eighth of an inch short or over the edge of the metal. This may be considered normal and is not cause for rejection. If it is absolutely necessary for the polyethylene film to cover edge to edge, an extra 0.50 inch (12.7 mm), will need to be deducted from the width of the metal web, and the coil will need to be slit to finished width.

ACA will not review claims made later than one year from the original invoice date.

ACA will not accept returns of any kind, unless they have been previously approved and a Return Authorization Number (RMA) has been issued. Any authorized returns must be properly packed so as to return to ACA in an undamaged condition. Unauthorized or improperly packaged returns will be refused and the shipper shall be responsible for any additional freight or related charges, as well as the original invoice amount.


ACA reserves the right to specify plus or minus order tolerance quantities (reference document ACAD-045, Order Quantity Tolerances), and to set minimum production levels based on the type of resource being produced. Please contact your ACA Sales Representative for specific details.


Sample or trial orders are often a necessary part of securing new business. With this in mind, in addition to our standard sample chip brochure, ACA maintains an inventory of popular products in 5” x 7” sample sizes for product evaluation. These are actual production samples, cut from previous runs, which meet the specific product specifications. For these sample pieces there is no charge.

Should you require a large number or full-size samples, they can be purchased at a nominal charge. In special cases, such as a unique or new product, a minimum production amount will be agreed upon between ACA and the customer.


For domestic customers, prices are typically quoted FOB Streamwood, Illinois and shipped freight collect. Upon customer request, for customers with open account status, ACA can prepay common carrier shipments and bill the freight on the material invoice.

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