Value Added

ACA is not just continuous coil anodizing. We are your one source solution for value added services to compliment your raw, anodized and painted surface requirements.

Our lab will match your color and finish designed for the end use application. ACA can anodize light gauge foils and precision slit widths as narrow as .59 inches (15MM) and 7.87 inch blanks (200MM). Our four anodizing lines are built for a variety of anodizing applications. Combined with precision blanking and slitting, protective and additional processing options we offer our customers the flexibility and cost effective savings needed to stay competitive and responsive.

ACA can also perforate, emboss, clear coat and supply several white painted finishes in aluminum and steel for LED and Architectural applications. With UltraBond’s™ unique surface, you can forget about cleaning, priming or coating the metal surface in order to maximize adhesion. UltraBond’s™ spongelike surface is the material of choice for the most durable screen printing applications. UltraBond™ will not hydrate.

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